What To Ask Paving Contractor?

What To Ask Paving Contractor?


Your home or business needs a newly paved driveway. The sooner you hire Professional services for Asphalt Paving in Wausau, the sooner the job will be finished. However, you can still pick the first ISP you come across. Before embarking on a project, ask a contractor these questions to ensure you’re hiring the right team.

The Significant Questions To Ask A Paving Contractor:

How Long Has Your Business Been Around?

It would help if you chose a trusted contractor. You want to avoid a company that flies day and night and visits your city for one week before leaving for the next. One of the best questions is how long the contractor has worked in your area.

How Much Does The Project Cost? 

You should be well aware of your business expenses before you start working. You should have a written copy of the budget. Also, ask about payment schedules.

Do You Have A License And Insurance?

Professional contractors should always have insurance coverage in case something goes wrong and be licensed to work in their state. Don’t just answer “yes” when asking about a contractor’s license and insurance. Ask to see the supporting documents for this claim. Creating the proper documentation should be easy for a professional.

When To Have Paving?

Although a general contractor can install asphalt, this does not guarantee that he has chosen the best person for the job. Choosing a contractor who takes care of the asphalt is a better option.

When you choose an asphalt company to build your driveway, you can be sure that you are choosing an experienced team that knows all aspects of paving in your area.


Hiring experts for Asphalt Paving in Wausau is the best way to add a newly paved driveway to your home or office. But it isn’t easy to hire paving contractors. In the above article, we have mentioned the questions you should ask paving contractors before hiring them.

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