The Tips For Hiring a Geothermal Installation Company

The Tips For Hiring a Geothermal Installation Company


Heating and air conditioning contractors must be licensed in almost every state to be able to do the job. However, if you want to hire an HVAC specialist to install a geothermal system, the guidelines must be clarified, so you’ll likely need to do additional research.

When choosing them to build a geothermal system, you should look for Geothermal Installation Companies in Dubuque with extensive geothermal experience rather than standard HVAC work. Here are some additional tips for choosing your home’s geothermal installer.

  1. Check the credentials of your geothermal contractor: 

To complete your project from start to finish, an experienced geothermal contractor must be highly skilled in electrical, excavation, piping, and HVAC work. To perform this service, they must also have a license, bond and insurance. It is especially recommended to ask for references from previous clients, given the specialization of this work. Depending on the type of system you are installing, it may also be worth visiting to review some of the contractor’s past work personally.

  1. Talk to your geothermal expert:

Although screening and interviewing many potential contractors is time-consuming, it is necessary when installing a geothermal system. It will help if you are looking for a contractor with a lot of experience installing these systems, who has plenty of good recommendations and is certified by the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA).

  1. Ask for a background check: 

It should be fine to submit a background check request to a reputable contractor; They may also be able to provide you with a copy if they have one on file.

  1. Create a contract and payment plan with your geothermal expert:

Take the time to review a contract in its entirety before signing it. Your contract should detail the project’s total cost, required deposit, fee schedule, balance payment due date, and any other exclusions, such as overtime or permit fees.

  1. Record your geothermal installation project in detail: 

Although your contract should specify all terms and costs, keeping your written documents is also good. Take photos of the job and record any correspondence with the contractor. Take notes on many hours spent, progress made, schedule met, etc.


Heating and cooling systems in any home are essential. Many people hire geothermal installation companies for their work. But sometimes, things become complicated when we need to know the tips to hire Geothermal Installation Companies in Dubuque.

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