Tips for finding the best caravan storage provider 

Tips for finding the best caravan storage provider 

Having a caravan gives you a sense of freedom; you can get on the road for a holiday at any time without having to book a flight, organise accommodation or worry about excess luggage. But there will be times when you aren’t using your caravan and because of their size, you might not have room to store your caravan on your property. 

You can opt for long or short-term caravan storage and choosing a caravan storage provider will come down to the size of your vehicle, your budget and the location of the storage facility. 

The cost of storing your caravan in Melbourne 

The cost of caravan storage will vary depending on location and what they offer. It pays to shop around and find a storage facility that offers everything you need for your vehicle. You might have a caravan that needs to be stored undercover, out of the elements, or you might want a facility that is close to your home – so search for caravan storage in Melbourne. The location and facilities of the caravan storage will impact the cost, so consider your budget before you start looking. 

The security of the caravan storage 

You likely spent a considerable amount of money on your caravan – and it was worth it for the adventures and memories it gives you. As your caravan is such an important financial investment and an integral part of your lifestyle, you want to make sure that the caravan storage you choose offers 24/7 security so that you have peace of mind that your vehicle is safe and protected from theft and damage.

Whether they offer long and short-term caravan storage 

You may be hanging up your caravanning hat for a few years, or you might just be spending summer at home this year. Whether you need long or short-term caravan storage will depend on the caravan storage facility you choose. Some places may only offer long-term storage, and some places may give you a discount for longer stays. 

The size of the facility 

Caravans come in all shapes and sizes and if you’ve invested in an oversized or uniquely shaped vehicle it might be trickier to find a facility that can accommodate – but they will exist so keep searching! 

Location: is the caravan storage in Melbourne, or close to your home city 

The location of your caravan storage will again depend on when you plan on using your caravan again. You might be looking for storage during the week, and then taking your caravan out on weekend adventures. 

If that’s the case then you’ll want to find caravan storage in Melbourne or closer to your home for easy access. 


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